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Snowy Night

Winter Snow Clearing

  • We provide our residential and commercial snow clearing service to over 200 properties in Winnipeg.
  • We ensure that your driveway and sidewalk will remain snow-free for the duration of the winter.
  • Our crews are out immediately after every snowfall of 2cm or more (and after excessive winds and drifting) and complete all routes in a timely manner.
  • Snow Clearing runs November 1st – through March 31st regardless the snowfall amount. Snowfall before or after these dates will be charged by the week at a quarter of your monthly rate.
  • If a vehicle happens to be parked on the driveway or parking lot when we clear your snow, we will clear around it and get that area our next time out. We will not knock on your door and wait while you move your vehicle.
  • We do not scrape ice that has formed as a result of water freezing on your driveway or sidewalks from melting, drain spouts or eaves (extra charge).
  • We will apply sand or salt at residential properties should it be provided and located in an accessible area. Sanding and salting of walks and parking lots is available for commercial properties.
  • Should we encounter a blizzard or major snowfall, we cannot guarantee that it won’t affect our regular routine. After a blizzard, we coordinate our crews to the best of our ability. We will be there as quickly as we can, but everything is slower, including our response time. You should not expect that we will be able to handle a blizzard the same way we handle 2 or 3 cm of snow. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time and response time is relative to snow volume.
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