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History of Cutting Edge Lawn Service


Upon graduation from high school back in 1986, I took a summer job with a lawn care company called Student Lawn Service to help pay for my university expenses as I worked toward my business degree. I continued on with Student Lawn Service for three summers, and in 1990 upon receiving my business degree decided to go out on my own and started The Cutting Edge Lawn Service. Over the first couple years, I employed family and friends and ran the business out of my parent’s garage running 2 small trucks and some used lawnmowers and trimmers. Seasonal service turned to year round service with the addition of winter snow clearing.


As the company grew and we continuously added additional services, so too did the need for more space. Our first shop was located on Clarence Avenue in Fort Garry, and eventually we moved out to McGillivray Boulevard where we are located today. Two trucks grew to four trucks and four trucks to eight……………….


In 2004 we added professional fertilization and weed control to our list of services.

Today we are city wide, use top of the line equipment and service hundreds of residential and commercial properties throughout the city of Winnipeg and surrounding area including properties for RBC, Mc Donald's Restaurants, Rivard Group, Bee Clean, Main Street Project, Krevco, and many Condo Developments and Strip Malls.


We offer professional service at reasonable rates with an experienced staff, some of who have been with us for over 15 years!

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